So many times I’ve heard people say “oh it’s because I’m getting older” as a reason for their aches and pains. Well yes we all grow old but that doesn’t have to be a reason to put up with pain!
Osteopathy can help keep you mobile and pain free well in to old age, it can help keep you doing the things you want to do be that playing tennis, walking the dog or sitting doing a craft such as sewing or knitting.

Best of all Osteopathy is a drug free method of treatment which means it is suitable for almost anybody without causing side effects which taking regular painkillers can do. After an initial course of treatment to restore the body to a healthy normal then patients often only need a top every 2-4 months to keep them fighting fit and pain free!

So don’t resign yourself to those arthritic old knees and aching backs why not see what Osteopathy can do for you?!