Osteopathy can be used to treat all breeds of dogs from your household pet to your competition or assistance dog.

Treatment can be used as part of rehabilitation from an injury or to keep competition dogs in top form to help prevent injury. Osteopathic treatment and massage is particularly of benefit to the older dog who maybe starting to suffer pain from arthritis or conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia. This kind of pain is not always that obvious in the dog, you may notice that your dog isn’t so keen to jump in and out the car or go up stairs or just simply starts to slow down on his usual walk. Sadly the changes caused to the joints by arthritis can not be reversed without radical surgical intervention – the like of which you may have seen if you watch Supervet!

Where Osteopathic massage can help is to help reduce the tightness in the muscles that surround the affective joints and which often lead to secondary pain in the back or other limbs as the dog adjusts the way it moves to avoid the original pain. By loosening of muscle tightness and helping other joints in the chain move better it relieves the pressure on the arthritic joint or joints.

What to expect during a treatment?

During your first session we will discuss your dogs history, any previous accidents or illness’s they may have had and any current problems you are seeing. Examination and treatment will then be carried out, this is always done gently and carefully with in your dogs tolerance. Sessions usually last about 1hr for a first appointment and then between 30-40mins depending on how much treatment you dog requires and wants!

Where do treatments take place?

Treatments can be conducted either at your home or at my home address in Malvern, near Pickersleigh traffic lights. If you are within the Great Malvern, Malvern Link, Malvern Wells, West Malvern or Colwall area there is no additional travel costs for a home treatment, home visits further afield may incur an addition travel cost.

Do I need Veterinary permission?

The short answer is yes you do! In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act (1966) your vet must have given permission and agreed to prescribe a course of treatment in order for a course of osteopathic treatment to take place.

The longer answer is that this does not necessarily mean you need to take your dog to see the vet, often a telephone conversion is all that is required particularly if you have a good relationship with your vet. I may ask for you vet’s details so that I can verify that permission has be granted.

If you wish to claim the cost of treatment on your pet insurance you should also check with your insure that they cover Osteopathic treatment.

How much is treatment?

Treatment is £30 for the first session which is an hour then £25 for sessions thereafter which last for about 30-40mins. No travel costs for home visits with in the Malvern area, those further afield may incur an extra travel cost.

How do I book or find out more information?

You can ring me on 07813 075315 or drop me a message using the contact form below