Sports Injuries

Osteopathy¬† is more than “just backs” it can help all ages in all walks of life. One of my particular areas of interest is the treatment of sports injuries.

Over the years I have worked with numerous different sports people including runners, cyclists, golfers, horse riders, triathletes, footballers and tennis players. Sports men and Women at all levels from you weekend warriors to professional level sportsmen & women.

Osteopathy differs to Physiotherapy or sports massage by looking at how the body functions as a whole therefore not just focusing on getting an injury better but also on what may have caused it in the first place.

For example common running injuries such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis are often due to poor foot mechanics. Therefore addressing the shoe type or use of an insole is a key part of treatment. Treatment may also include the use of acupuncture or kineso tape from Sport tape which I think after trialling lots sticks the best of all the brands!

As well as helping to get people back to sport after an injury Osteopathy is also of benefit for helping to prevent an injury occurring. Helping your joints and muscles to function the best they can is the best way to prevent injury.

So if your suffering from a sports injury, pain or poor performance get in contact to see how Osteopathy could help get you back up and running again!