Do I have to undress for treatment?

undress treatment


The short answer is no!

If you do not want to remove any clothing then you don’t have too. However to make my job easier to do it would be helpful if you came in loose fitting clothes such as t-shirts and jogging bottoms.

If you are happy to remove some items of clothing it does make it a little easier for me, certainly on a first assessment, but I very rarely ask patients to remove more than their tops. This will also depend on where your problem is – if it is your knee then I will need to see it so shorts would be a useful thing to bring with you

Once you are lying down on the couch I will offer you a towel or a blanket to keep you warm and comfortable – if I forget don’t be afraid to ask for one!

It is extremely important to me that you feel comfortable at all times during your treatment and if that means you wish to remain fully clothed then that is absolutely fine.

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