Your body goes through an amazing amount of change during pregnancy, Osteopathy may help to alleviate any aches and pains which arise during this time.

During pregnancy one of the main structural changes is the softening of ligaments, particularly around the pelvis. This occurs in order to prepare the body for birth, allowing the pelvic bones to ever so slightly move during the birthing process. This softening of ligaments along with changes in body weight and posture can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body including the spine or pelvis.

As bump grows in size the increase in weight alters the women’s centre of gravity hence many women suffer with balance problems and a general feeling of clumsiness particularly in the last trimester. These changes also but more strain thru the lower back and can cause aches and pains there too.

Osteopaths are trained health care practitioners recognised by the NHS who can help to support you through pregnancy helping to ease some of the aches and pains in your muscles and joints as well as giving advice on things such as techniques to help you sleep more comfortably. They are also able to screen for other problems such as high blood pressure and refer you to the correct medical practitioner as needed.

Osteopathy is considered a safe and gentle therapy which uses techniques such as gentle massage and joint mobilisation to help support women during pregnancy. If you are considering Osteopathy treatment for the first time it is generally advised to wait until your 2nd trimester. If you have had Osteopathy before then treatment may be considered in the 1st trimester but it is advisable to check with the Osteopath before booking. Generally it is in the final stages of pregnancy that women find most benefit from osteopathic treatment as it may help to relieve the stress and strains placed on the body of the increasing size of your bump as well has helping to relax and provide a general sense of well being.

Osteopathy can also continue to help and support you after the birth particularly with any aches and pains associated with posture whilst holding and feeding baby.  If you have any questions as to if Osteopathy would be suitable for you please do ask, we are always happy to chat and advise.