headache osteopathHeadaches are something most of us will have experienced at some point in our lives and I’m often asked if Osteopathy can help relieve the pain associated with headaches  If you are unlucky enough to be a regular sufferer you will know just how debilitating they can be, particularly migraine and cluster headaches.

Headaches are generally a symptom of something else rather than a condition in their own right for example if you have a cold or sinus infection you will commonly have a headache along with other symptoms.

A sudden onset of severe headaches should always be checked by your GP  as they can be an indication of some other under lying problem. If you find yourself waking with a headache in the morning  then it would be wise to monitor you blood pressure as this can be a sign of a high BP, again this is something your GP will be able to advise on.

The types of headaches that Osteopathy can help with are called cervicogenic headaches and are as a result of problems in the neck muscles and joints.  The pain that is felt with this kind of headache will most commonly arise from the base of the skull travel over the head and then feel like it focuses either just above or behind the eye normally just on one side.

Another area that can cause headaches that an Osteopath may be able to help with is headaches arising from jaw pain. Typically this kind of headache will originate in the side of you face just slightly forward and down from your ear, it may also give you a slight ear ache as well as a clicking or locking sensation in your jaw.

If you are unsure as to if Osteopathy treatment would be suitable you can always have a free chat with us first either over the phone or in person and we will be happy to advise.