If you are like me then the occasional spring like day has been tempting me to return to the garden since early February, I certainly seem to have been watching the weeds and the grass growing since January! The temptation on a lovely sunny spring day is to go out and try to get all those jobs that need doing done in one go only to then pay the price the next day when you feel as stiff as a board!

Here are a few hints and tips to help prevent ” Spring gardeners backache”!!

• Take regular breaks!!
Seems obvious but when you just want to get it all done whilst the sun is still out it gets forgotten. Try setting a timer on your phone or perhaps the kitchen oven so you have to stop and go inside to turn it off! Also works as a reminder to keep hydrated with that all important cup of tea!

• Try to avoid spending long periods bending over, if you are planting seeds and are not lucky enough to have a potting shed try using the garden table to raise things up to a sensible height for working at.

• Invest in a good garden kneeler – your knees will thank you for it!! You can even get ones now that are slightly raised off the ground and have a handle to help push yourself back upright.

• Learn to recognise what jobs you cant do!!
Perhaps climbing up the ladder to prune the apple tree is a job for somebody else. There is no shame in admitting if something is beyond you and acting as supervisor from the ground is just as an important role!